Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adrienne Landau Furs

This fall/winter liven up your wardrobe with a classic trend, fur.  Furs not only provide warmth but are versatile statement pieces that can be paired with a variety of clothing items.  Former painter and now designer, Adrienne Landau has created an eclectic collection that transcends all styles and generations.  Her collection includes capes, stoles, furs, and has expanded to luxury home furnishings, handbags and more. With the likes of Madonna, Halle Berry, Liza Minelli and more donning her unique designs, Landau's furs have become a staple within the industry. Here is a glimpse of her glamourous furs:

Raccoon Stole

Ocelot-Print Fur Stole

Natural Textured Rabbit Fur Jacket

Twisted Raccoon Boa Scarf

Raccoon Vest

Fur Hat

Raccoon-Trimmed Cape

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