Monday, March 7, 2011

Designer Feature - Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr

Hailing from the small town of Tripoli, Iowa, KahriAnne Kerr has made a name for herself in the fickle but fierce fashion industry with her Kahri collection.  Celebrities such as Fergie, Paris Hilton, and Keri Hilson have donned KahriAnne's designs. With her "Be Rebellious" motto, KarhriAnne, has done just that by designing her own clothes in high school without any fashion or sewing experience and moving from a small town to make it as a fashion designer in New York City.  Her designs are sold in stores worldwide and can be viewed on her websiteKahriAnne's designs are edgy, sexy, and chic. Having recently won Lord & Taylor's "Rising Star of NJ Fashion Week" award, KahriAnne has ensured that her star will continue to rise.

AFFF: Were you always into fashion or is it something that later interested you?
KahriAnne: I didn’t start sewing/designing until I was a junior/senior in high school, but I think I’ve always been picky about what I wear.  I definitely got more into fashion during college. 

AFFF: How was the move from Iowa to NYC for you?
KahriAnne: I always wanted to get out of Iowa and move to a big city.  I had no idea what NYC was like or what the fashion industry was like before I moved here.  I transferred to FIT from Iowa State, which my Dad was not happy about.  He is an Iowa boy through and through and hates NYC, so I had to pack up the car, handed him the keys, and made him drive me out to NY.  The best part about moving to NYC from Iowa is all the fabric stores!  Iowa just has Jo-Anns, which sucks.
AFFF: What is your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?
KahriAnne: Well I like to think of a theme for each collection and go fabric shopping and figure out what types of fabrics I like that fit the color story and season and then do a lot of draping and thumbnail sketches.

AFFF: How would you describe the style your line exemplifies?
KahriAnneHip, funky, and rocker chic.
AFFF: Where do you get your design inspiration from?
KahriAnneUsually rock 'n roll.
AFFF: What are your favorite trends for spring/summer?
KahriAnneWell my favorite items from my Spring 2011 collection are my best selling "Jesus Loves the Stooges Dress," "Sister Midnight Dress," Look So Sweet Dress," and the "Party Time Dress."

AFFF: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
KahriAnne: Go to fashion school, don't be boring, make some famous friends (although I didn't do that one, it sure seems to help other designers), sew a lot, and don't give up!

AFFF: Who are some of your favorite designers?
KahriAnne: Stephen Sprouse, Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, Luella Bartley, and Sass & Bide.

AFFF: What are you thoughts about the current state of fashion? Do you feel that it's moving in a positive direction?
KahriAnne: Well, I don't think anything I can say can change the fashion industry, but I do agree with Donna Karan and her plight to change the fashion calendar as in clothes are shown too early and delivered too early.  Everything is on the internet now, so everyone gets ripped off.  And I think it's crazy that Spring deliveries are so early; who wants to buy Spring items during a blizzard? Also, the whole celebrity pseudo designer trend is annoying, especially since the general public doesn't understand that the celebrity doesn't actually design anything. Because of the blogs and everything internet, everyone is a critic, which is for better and worse, but I think that it's better than magazine editors trying to dictate things. I think you should wear whatever you want whenever you want.

AFFF: What's in the future for the Kahri collection and what is your favorite piece from your collection?
KahriAnne: Well right now I'm starting to work on the Spring 2012 collection.  I wear stuff from my collection everyday. My Spring 2011 samples are still in the showroom, but I can't wait to get them back so I can wear them! I wore the "Flashback Trench Coat" and the "Locked Groove Top" from my Fall 2010 collection today.

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